CVT Ventures is a venture-development group dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create and accelerate information technology businesses. CVT's principals are proven and passionate entrepreneurs with expertise in the strategic, business development, sales, technology, financial, and operational needs of early-stage information technology companies. CVT's three Partners were the Senior Management Team of Infogate (formed in 1994 and sold to AOL Time Warner in 2003). We are augmented by stellar backers and Board of Directors who are industry leaders on Wall Street and Main Street. .

Our core purpose at CVT is to work with entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses. Fundamentally, we are not consultants, we are fellow entrepreneurs. In addition to providing guidance and strategic contributions, we "jump in" to help actually execute. We rigorously search for entrepreneurs and business opportunities that we believe in and determine that we can help. We typically become Board members and "fractional executives" in portfolio companies, augmenting and rounding out the team with any combination of roles including fractional CFO, CTO and Senior Business Development Advisor.

CVT currently has ten active portfolio engagements.
CVT Ventures was founded and is led by Clifford Boro, Vidar Vignisson and Thomas Broadhead. Prior to establishing CVT, the founders worked together as the management team for Infogate, Inc., a software and information network that was formed in October 2000 as the result of a merger between Internet Financial Network and Entrypoint Technologies (the company that bought Pointcast). The team transformed Infogate from a free and direct information provider to instead partnering with leading media companies (including CNN, USA Today and Tribune Company) to develop turnkey, subscription-based personalized products. The team architected and managed the sale of Infogate to AOL Time Warner in March 2003. CVT Ventures' non-executive Board Members include Adam Klein (the former Lead Partner of the Media practice at Booz, Allen and Hamilton, the former President of Ask Jeeves, and the former President of Global Marketing at Hasbro) and Dr. Howard Morgan (the Vice Chairman of Idealab and President of the Arco Group). The company has been financed personally by Jack Rivkin, the Chief Investment Officer of Neuberger Berman and former head of CitiGroup's Technology Venture Group.